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Expungement & Non-Disclosure Orders

People often believe that if they completed deferred adjudication, probation, or had charges dismissed, that their records are automatically cleared. This is not true.  Often times a potential employer or landlord runs a criminal background check, and only then does a person discover that he or she has a public criminal record.

Expunction is the process of clearing your criminal record. If an expunction is granted, you can legally deny the existence of any charges or arrests which were expunged.  An Order of Non-Disclosure applies to certain cases where expunction is not available. An Order of Non-Disclosure doesn’t completely clear the criminal record , but it seals the record from private entities, public and government agencies may still be able to view the record.

Obtaining an expunction or Order of non-disclosure can help preserve your resume and can keep mistakes from the past from haunting you for the rest of your life.  There are certain limitations to what can be expunged from your record and to which offenses an Order of Non-Disclosure can be obtained. It is important to discuss your options with an attorney before attempting to petition the court for an expunction or an Order of Non-Disclosure. 


There are many detailed rules when it comes to expunction and Orders of Non-Disclosure, and not everyone is eligible.  If you have questions about the process or are worried that you may have a public criminal record, you should speak with an experienced attorney.  The Gilbert Law Office can help you determine if you’re eligible for expunction or non-disclosure. If you’re eligible, most cases can be handled for a reasonable flat fee that will include all filing fees and court costs.    Contact today to get help clearing your record.

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