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At The Gilbert Law Office, we understand the gravity of domestic violence and firmly believe that every family member deserves the right to defend themselves and pursue justice. Whether it involves physical, psychological, emotional abuse, harassment, stalking, sexual abuse, or financial oppression, our experienced family law attorneys are dedicated to

Divorce can be a difficult and emotionally charged process, regardless of its complexity. When contemplating a simple and uncontested divorce, some individuals may consider handling the process without legal representation to save time and money. However, even in seemingly straightforward cases, the expertise of an experienced divorce attorney is invaluable.

For the past several years, we've been proud to provide professional family law, criminal defense and personal injury services to the communities of both San Antonio and Boerne (as well as the surrounding areas in rural Kendall and Bexar counties). While clients have always been welcome to participate in video

Although most of us look forward to the holiday season, that’s not the case for everyone. Due to certain life circumstances, some people may view Christmas and the New Year with a sense of dread or anger. This may be especially true if you’ve experienced a hostile break-up or divorce.

Divorce can be difficult, especially if you have school-aged children together. If you are recently divorced or separated and have children, this time of year may be even more difficult as you may be thinking about the complications of co-parenting. Now that school is starting, you will need to navigate drop-offs and pick-ups