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What To Do If You’re Pulled Over for a Suspected DWI

If you’ve been following any of our regularly posted content, you’re already aware that a DWI offense is no small matter and something to be taken very seriously. If a police officer notices your vehicle being driven erratically or in a manner that seems dangerous, you’re likely to get pulled over. What you say and do next can make a massive amount of difference, even if you’re at risk of possibly being charged with impaired driving. In this month’s post, we’ll give you some pointers about what to do if you’re pulled over for a suspected DWI.

Rule #1: Don’t Over-Share

This one seems obvious, but it’s the step that gets most people in trouble. If you get pulled over for a suspected DWI, it’s likely that the officer will imply that it’s in your best interest to be forthright about how much you’ve had to drink. However, this is almost never the case. While you may be tempted to be completely honest with the officer, acknowledging that you have had even a single drink may provide probable cause to take you into custody for drunk driving. Furthermore, it may be used as evidence against you at trial. Instead of talking to police, it’s generally a good idea to invoke your right to remain silent and obtain counsel.

Rule #2: Understand Your Testing Rights

Once you’ve been pulled over, it’s possible that an officer will ask you to submit to blood alcohol content (BAC) testing to verify your intoxication. In Texas, all motorists have the right to legally refuse to submit to any BAC testing — both breathalyzer and blood testing and field sobriety testing — so long as they haven’t been officially arrested. An arrest, however, complicates the matters. After an arrest, you can also refuse to submit to chemical testing — a decision the police must respect in most cases.

However, if you choose to refuse to take a chemical test after an arrest, your license will likely be suspended. It’s also important to note that authorities can seek a warrant compelling you to provide a blood or urine sample. Therefore, the state might get the evidence it needs to obtain a conviction without your consent.

Rule #3: Be On Your Best Behavior

Let’s face it — if you’re being pulled over for a suspected DWI, it’s possible you’re not making the best decisions or thinking clearly at that moment. During times like these, tempers can flare and judgement can be impaired. However, it’s critical that you don’t do anything that might escalate the situation or create additional charges that can be held against you. Never attempt to run from an officer who is trying to take you into custody. It may also be tempting to be lash out verbally or physically at those who have ruined what might have otherwise been a good evening. However, the only thing that being disruptive is going to do is increase the odds that you’re charged with additional crimes.

Rule #4: Call The Gilbert Law Office

Most importantly, if you’ve been pulled over for a suspected DWI, it’s likely that you’re going to need professional representation. Trust the Gilbert Law Office to be your experienced, professional San Antonio DWI attorney. Our office is ready to help you with your case and will fight to ensure you get the quality representation you deserve. Save our phone number and put our team on speed dial before you go out for drinks. Call us at 210-319-5576 or text at 210-718-0812.